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Dr. Groeber and the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars
Great staff, and Dr Groeber is the best dentist! I have been his patient for many years. He is always very kind and caring. Very talented in the aesthetic work too --I love my veneers

Dr. Groeber and the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars Review By Martha Batson
The best dentist and staff ever. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, give Dr. Groeber a try. I recently had a crown and they made the process painless. They are always on time. I have been a patient for many years. I can always count on them for all my dental needs and options

Dr. Groeber and the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars Review By Lisa Dewhurst D
I love my dentist- handles braces for the kids and all necessary cleaning and beautifying of our teeth - highly recommend!

Dr. Groeber and the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars
As a young professional, I was embarrased by my less than perfect smile and traditional braces were just not an option for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Dr. Groeber at Aesthetic Dentistry and the Invisalign sysytem. Dr. Groeber and the staff at Aesthetic Dentistry were professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They went above and beyond to make sure my sure my smile was perfect for my big day! I never thought I would be so comfortable smiling in front of my family, friends, and photographers. Because of Aesthetic Dentistry, I now have so much to smile about!

Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars Barbara
You look so much younger, what have you done? A friend said this to me after my appointment at Aesthetic Dentistry. What a pleasant surprise to hear that comment, looking younger was not even one of my objectives, but I’ll certainly take it! I have a very large mouth and had been experiencing some teeth issues. Dr. Groeber’s office utilizes the latest technology and was able to show me the compromised teeth leakages from many old, large amalgam fillings. I also had several cracks that could “fracture” at any time. After consultation a plan was made to make corrections that would help restore those old leaking fillings and repair cracks. The entire staff listened closely to my objectives and concerns. This collaborative plan would be proactive for my present and future overall health. The staff identified the problems with the latest equipment and provided professional communication and listening skills. Moist importantly, the professional skill level and artistic talent was phenomenal. I am so lucky this team of medical professionals is here in upstate South Carolina. How lucky we all are to have this highly trained, highly talented, and expert dentistry team in our area! I feel so very blessed! Thank you so much!

Aesthetic Dentistry Rating :5 5 Stars H. G. Bryson
Dear Jamie, Tia, and Jolie, Seems like just yesterday I was this little kid with some really messed up teeth, and today I turned 14 and my teeth are gorgeous thanks to all your wonder working hands. Thanks for your patience and the ability to change peoples live! My life has truly been changed and I will forever be grateful to yal! I love ya'll.

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