Non-surgical jaw alignment Biobloc Orthotropics in Anderson SC

Biobloc, for proper jaw alignment without surgery.

We discuss the benefits of early orthodontic intervention on our Orthodontics page. However, Biobloc goes a step beyond, helping children from the Anderson area solve what could be lifelong orthodontic problems before they can create permanent structural anomalies in the jaw.

What is Biobloc?

The Biobloc orthodontic system does not seek only to move teeth. The intent of treatment is to achieve the proper jaw position during the developmental stage, before all permanent teeth have grown in. On some children, the upper jaw is set too far back; and the lower jaw is set back even further! In the past, many of these children were treated with standard orthodontics in their teen years. The result of moving "protruded" front teeth back could have been a weak jawline and facial profile, as well as breathing difficulties. The Biobloc protocol addresses the various issues that may stem from unstable facial structure.

The steps that may be involved in this technique include:

  • Upper jaw widening using a palate expander.
  • Bring upper front teeth forward on the face to be in line with the nose.
  • Create more space for the lower teeth if they are crowded or tilted inward.
  • Move upper molars to optimal height so the jaw can close.
  • If necessary, remove a few upper baby teeth to create space for the jaw to close.
  • Encourage the lower jaw to move forward. This is where the biggest change is seen.
After functional treatment, patients receive care that establishes proper swallowing habits and resting tongue posture. Proper nasal breathing may also need to be established with training.

Important aspects of Biobloc therapy

Biobloc treatment takes time, and it requires a strong commitment on the part of the patient and the patient's family. Biobloc appliances must be worn FULL TIME. Parents are integral to the success of this process, because the child may become weary of wearing appliances, or self-conscious during certain stages of care when changes in facial structure alter appearance. It is important to maintain a focus on the benefits that will be present at the end of treatment.

Some issues are too complex for standard orthodontic care. See how Biobloc can help give your child the best chance at a healthy mouth. Contact our Anderson office today.

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