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Own an extraordinary smile through Cosmetic Dentistry in Anderson, SC

The appearance of your teeth is important to your overall sense of wellbeing and confidence, and we are here to support you in making the most of your smile with the cosmetic dentistry treatments you need. You may wonder what can cosmetic dentistry do? Cosmetic dentistry is defined as dental procedures mainly aimed towards improving the look of the smile. It can transform any smile into a natural, healthy looking, gorgeous grin.

Dr. Groeber has been practicing dentistry for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, having completed numerous courses in their Master Aesthetic Dentist program. This training has expanded his clinical capabilities well beyond general dental training, and it shows in the work displayed in our patients' smiles. All pictures featured on our website are actual unaltered photographs of Dr. Groeber’s patients.

Is it time to revive your smile? Do you often wonder what cosmetic dentistry consists of? See what is possible at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry!

Some of our cosmetic dental options available for you:

Smile Makeover

If you need a change, you are in good hands at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry in Anderson. Using the latest imaging techniques, we gather the information necessary, including full-mouth photographs. After a consultation and viewing of work performed by Dr. Groeber, you can preview your new smile as a wax model or virtual model designed by Smile Vision. Then you’ll truly be able to begin to get an answer to the question of what cosmetic dentistry can do. We consider this preview just one of the ways we offer our patients advanced cosmetic dentistry.


To disguise apparent flaws, we may suggest either direct or indirect veneers

Direct veneer treatment is also referred to as dental bonding. This method of cosmetic restoration is appropriate for minor issues such as damage to the front surface of a tooth, a small chip, or possibly a slight gap. Because Dr. Groeber applies a soft composite material to the tooth here in the office, then shapes and cures it, results are visible the same day.

Indirect veneer treatment involves fabricating high quality porcelain sheaths that are placed onto the front surface of teeth in a second appointment. Because porcelain veneers must be maintained for life due to the reduction of natural tooth structure, Dr. Groeber takes his time to ensure your satisfaction (and his own) before the final product is bonded in place. The planning process includes consultation and viewing of our Smile Gallery to determine the best look for you. Additionally, a software model or wax model is created to preview the result before veneers are ordered from the dental lab. In some cases, veneers may be made on-site, using CEREC technology, to achieve a same-day transformation.

Composite (tooth colored) fillings

Composite dental fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, are appealing because they do not leave a dark spot in your mouth. Some of the benefits of composite fillings stem from the characteristics of composite material, which is kinder to natural tooth structure than amalgam. Some benefits come from the technique used to place these fillings, which creates a more durable, longer-lasting restoration.

Teeth Whitening

A brilliant smile depicts youth, warmth, and vitality. However, over time, it is likely that the color of your teeth has dulled. Perhaps your teeth have become yellow, or stained brown in certain places. If discoloration is a problem that is aging your smile, contact us to discover the advantages of professional teeth whitening.

What are some of the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry?

The biggest con of cosmetic dentistry is often the lack of insurance coverage available for it. At Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry, we provide cosmetic dental work that we strive to make affordable for people in need of it. We do this by carefully crafting a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs, including your budget! Also, some of our cosmetic dental work is covered by insurance, as it is necessary for oral health, such as our natural looking crowns and fillings. We work hard to optimize your insurance benefits for you.

There are many benefits to cosmetic dental treatment. The three top ones are increased self-esteem, enhanced protection for your teeth, and improved oral hygiene.

Call us today to schedule your cosmetic dental surgery consultation. During this time, we will discuss the options, as well as potential cost. We look forward to inviting you into our dental family. We’re proud to provide care for not just the Anderson community but also for the Greenville county area and Belton as well. (864) 224-7812.