Successful Tooth Replacement using Dental Implants Anderson, SC

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One of the advances that has occurred in dentistry in the past half a century is tooth replacement. Dentists have discovered the vital importance that tooth roots play in the overall oral structure. As a result, the way that teeth are replaced now takes this into consideration. Rather than focus only on the visible structure, dental implants allow us to go deeper, where the foundation for longevity takes root - quite literally!

Dental implants have been designed to closely mimic the natural root system. This may seem like a small difference, but to replace roots means a lot more than just restoring natural design, it means restoring all of the functions that are inherent to natural teeth and roots.

  • Implants act as new roots to stabilize replacement teeth. A single implant can support a crown, and multiple implants can support a bridge or denture to give you back the function you once enjoyed.
  • Roots are vital to the regeneration of bone tissue in the jaw. Without adequate bone, teeth cannot be sufficiently supported, and neither can the lips and cheeks. The root system transfers force from chewing into stimulation for bone renewal. Substantial bone loss results in a shortening of the distance between the chin and the nose, which causes the appearance of age. Replacing roots with implants significantly slows the process of degeneration.
At Aesthetic Dentistry, dental implant treatment is a team effort. Dr. Groeber performs a thorough consultation in which the details of treatment, including healing time and maintenance are discussed. The procedure is performed by an experienced oral surgeon who has the training necessary to achieve the desired result. Once implants have been inserted, you may wear temporary restorations that will support your natural appearance and ability to chew. After full stabilization of implants, which can take several months, your final restorations can be placed.

There are numerous reasons to choose dental implants to replace missing teeth. Let's discuss them! Call (864) 216-7997 to schedule a visit with our friendly dental team.

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