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We have Full or Partial Dentures to suit your requirement at Anderson, SC

Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry believes in helping everyone achieve a happy and healthy smile. For some, the best option to achieve this goal is dentures. If you are searching for a dentures dentist in Anderson, South Carolina, we can help you! We know that sometimes it’s hard to determine the best way to fit dentures into your life. That’s why we strive to help patients find their best option for affordable dentures.

We believe the full or partial dentures options we offer are a true combination of art and science blended to make a truly beautiful and healthy smile.

Tooth loss can carry some heavy consequences if not handled appropriately. An LVI graduate, Dr. Groeber places a great deal of value on the approach taken to each individual case. If you are already wearing dentures, or know that you need partial or full tooth replacement, reach out to us. We are here to help you achieve your healthiest, most vibrant smile. Some patients reach out to us after experiencing broken dentures or the ill-effects of poorly-made dentures.

We can’t over-stress the importance of finding the best tooth replacement method for you. Missing teeth can cause harm to both your oral health and your overall physical health. Your jawbone structure will be compromised, as well as many that live without teeth or with a lot of missing teeth often find themselves suffering from poor nutrition.

There are a few different types of denture techniques that are common today. In our office, we do not adhere to the standard, we exceed it.

Standard dentures are typically designed based on models of your gums that are obtained through impressions. This limited technique leads to a wide variance in the way dentures fit against the ridge that stabilizes them. Rather than rely solely on impressions, Dr. Groeber considers the neuromuscular structure of the jaw as he plans care for each individual patient.

Taking the neuromuscular approach means a much better fit. This process involves three different impressions. A significant part of the three-stage process is the observation of the muscle flexing that occurs when you chew. With gentle stimulation, we bring about this flexing while impressions are being taken. The result is a denture that remains more stable at all times, not only when your mouth is at rest.

A secondary aspect of neuromuscular dental technique is the observation of jaw position through bite analysis. By identifying the natural position of your jaw, we can create a denture that accommodates your natural movements.

Options for dentures at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry in Anderson include:

  • Full and partial dentures: The advantages to the neuromuscular dental approach described above are dentures that truly exceed your expectations. Whether you are a new denture wearer or replacing a set of dentures, dentures made with this method truly are the best. You will experience superior fit, form, and function of your dentures. Many patients also report that they feel dentures made with this method give them a more youthful appearance.
  • Valplast flexible acrylic partials: This method of partial tooth replacement has been the preferred choice for aesthetically pleasing, affordable partial dentures for over fifty years. These custom-fabricated replacements don’t require any alterations to your natural teeth and are virtually invisible due to the nature of the materials used in them.
  • Implant-supported dentures: We love the advantages to this type of dentures. Implant-supported dentures use the technology of dental implants to truly provide a secure anchor for your dentures. This method most closely resembles the natural teeth, so fit, form and function are exceptional.
  • Immediate dentures: Many people hesitate to commit to dentures because of the weeks they will have to go without having any teeth. Immediate dentures eliminate this concern, as you will be fitted with expertly crafted dentures on the same day your teeth are extracted.

It is not only the appearance of your smile that is important in the denture process. We pay attention to the minute details that make an enormous difference in your comfort, oral function, and confidence. While it is impossible for us to give you a general amount to expect for a complete dentures cost, we are committed to helping you find the solution that best fits your budget. We are skilled at ensuring that you receive the maximum insurance benefit from your dental plan. That’s why those searching for affordable dentures in Anderson, S.C. often seek our care. We’re proud to aid our neighbors in Belton and Greenville County as well. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our excellent denture treatment options. Call us now to get started. (864) 224-7812.