We have Full or Partial Dentures to suit your requirement at Anderson, SC

Dentures from your Anderson dentist are a combination of art and science combined into one beautiful result.

Tooth loss can carry some pretty heavy consequences if not handled appropriately. An LVI graduate, Dr. Groeber places a great deal of value on the approach taken to each individual case. If you are already wearing dentures, or know that you need partial or full tooth replacement, reach out to us. We are here to help you achieve your healthiest, most vibrant smile.

There are a few different types of denture techniques that are common today. In our office, we do not adhere to the standard, we exceed it.

Standard dentures are typically designed based on models of your gums that are obtained through impressions. This limited technique leads to a wide variance in the way dentures fit against the ridge that stabilizes them. Rather than rely solely on impressions, Dr. Groeber considers the neuromuscular structure of the jaw as he plans care for each individual patient.

Taking the neuromuscular approach means a much better fit. This process involves three different impressions. A significant part of the three-stage process is the observation of the mild muscle flexing that occurs when you chew. With gentle stimulation, we bring about this flexing while impressions are being taken. The result is a denture that remains more stable at all times, not only when your mouth is at rest.

A secondary aspect of neuromuscular dental technique is the observation of jaw position through bite analysis. By identifying the natural position of your jaw, we are able to create a denture that accommodates your natural movements.

Options for dentures at Aesthetic Dentistry in Anderson include:

  • Full and partial dentures
  • Valplast flexible acrylic partials
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Gentle extractions, when necessary
It is not only the appearance of your smile that is important in the denture process. We pay attention to the small details that make a huge difference in your comfort, function, and confidence. Schedule a consultation to learn more about denture treatment.

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