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Are implant-supported dentures affordable in Anderson, SC?

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Dr. Groeber James at Aesthetic Dentistry in Anderson, SC explains whether implant-supported dentures affordable
Properly designed dentures are a sound option for replacement of all teeth in an arch. However, even the best fitting dentures rely on suction and facial muscles for stability. Implant-supported dentures are an incredibly stable alternative. Dr. James Groeber at Aesthetic Dentistry in Anderson, SC makes this option surprisingly affordable.

Implant-retained dentures

A dental implant is a tiny post placed into the jawbone to replicate the root of a missing tooth. As few as four dental implants can stabilize a full denture.

If you have a denture that seats well, Dr. Groeber may be able to retrofit it with special attachment points that snap over dental implant abutments. He can also design a lightweight denture that looks beautifully natural and works ideally with the implant system. In this case, an upper denture does not cover the palate, for normal temperature sensation and taste.

An implant-supported denture provides confidence in chewing, smiling, speaking, laughing, even kissing, that cannot be matched by any floating denture. In addition, implants stimulate bone regeneration, helping to preserve full, youthful facial features.

Making your new smile a reality

Dr. Groeber doesn’t want anything to come between you and a healthy, attractive smile. The practice makes implant-supported dentures affordable on most budgets, with a variety of payment options:
  • We will bill your insurance provider directly, to avoid the need for you to pay and wait for reimbursement.
  • We accept major credit cards. Many offer cash back benefits, which equates to as much as six percent savings on the overall cost of treatment.
  • Low- or no-interest financing – we assist with application for CareCredit, a special type of credit card designed to put medical and dental treatment within your means.
Are you ready to learn more about affordable options in dentures? In the Anderson, SC area, call Aesthetic Dentistry at (864) 224-7812.

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