Family Dentistry with no age limit at Aesthetic Dentistry Anderson, SC

Families in the Anderson area are welcomed into a friendly environment at Aesthetic Dentistry, located on Michelin Blvd. In our office, priority is given to patient comfort, education, and prompt care for the various dental concerns that you and your family may face. We are proud to be known for our pleasant atmosphere and friendly service, as well as our advanced training in treatments that deliver results and minimize stress.

Family dentistry services range from general exams to tooth replacement, smile enhancements, orthodontics, and everything in between. One of the aspects of our practice that patients appreciate is that we can serve the needs of everyone, from the youngest members of families to the oldest. Each situation receives our full attention, because we see more than the dental problem – we see you! More than prompt, friendly service, we offer treatments that achieve lasting results.

We welcome children!

Children typically begin professional dental care around the age of 3. The early visits with Dr. Groeber focus on prevention and on creating positive attitudes toward dentistry. We understand that it can be difficult for young children to sit in the dental chair, and we use gentle techniques and nurturing demeanor to make each visit something they can look forward to. In addition to preventive care and quick, painless diagnostics, children benefit from our advanced training in orthodontic treatments.


Misalignment and bite issues can create self-consciousness related to appearance. These problems can also make it difficult to care for teeth properly, making you more susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. Orthodontic services range from traditional orthodontics to Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Biobloc Orthotropic for the early intervention of orthodontic issues.

Your oral health affects how you feel on a daily basis, and we think you deserve to feel confident and comfortable. Schedule your visit for family dentistry in Anderson by calling (864) 216-7997.

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