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Pretty Smiles through Dental Crowns Anderson, SC

Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry, located in Anderson, SC, strives towards a higher standard of dental care. Even the most careful person out there can’t avoid the possibility of needing a crown. We understand that and works towards helping patients achieve confidence in the choices available to them.

Dental crowns and bridges are integral to our high standard of dental care. We believe that every patient deserves options in the way dental concerns are addressed. This is evident in how we handle tooth damage and tooth loss with lifelike dental crowns and bridges. We believe that is part of what makes us one of the best places to get dental crowns or bridges.

Dental crowns

It is rare for a person to visit their dentist hoping to get a dental crown. Usually, the need for a full coverage restoration comes as somewhat of a surprise. Unless you are dealing with the need for a crown after a broken tooth occurs. If you find that a tooth has sustained too much damage for a cavity filling to restore optimal structure, know that we will give you the information you need to move forward with the treatment most appropriate for you, including the cost to crown a broken tooth.

The crowns our patients receive are metal free. There are numerous advantages to porcelain crowns, as well as the alternative of zirconium crowns with a porcelain overlay. The most obvious benefit is appearance. The metal substructure of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown eventually begins to show, usually right along the gum line. Even at the back of the mouth, this can be noticeable. Our crowns are bonded over the natural teeth, which creates the utmost feeling of stability.

We also provide our patients with the option of CEREC crowns. This dental procedure gives patients the ability to get their restoration done in just one day.

A dental crown buffers pressure that occurs when you chew. The combination of quality material and our bonding technique lays the foundation for years of functional use. Typically, a crown will last for many years. With the proper care, which includes regular preventive care visits to us, and an outstanding oral hygiene routine, your crowns will last for a very long time.

Benefits to crowns for your teeth:

  • Natural looking: Because of the materials we use, your crown will fit right into your smile. We craft them to match the shape and shade of your surrounding teeth.
  • Affordable: Crowns protect your tooth from further damage and the need for future work. They allow us to save the natural tooth, which eliminates any need for future dental implants or extractions. This saves you time and money overall. Most dental insurance plans will cover some of the cost of the crown as well.
  • Long lasting: This restoration will last you for years.


A bridge is literally a connective structure that brings two separate areas together. Dental bridges are intended to restore the line of teeth after a tooth has been lost or extracted. A space in between two teeth not only looks unattractive, but it also creates vulnerability to decay and gum disease. The adjacent teeth no longer get the support they need to remain in place, so they may shift.

Ideally, we like to replace missing teeth with dental implants. This is because the implant post restores the underlying structure that is necessary for bone regeneration and stability. However, a dental bridge is also an option to restore chewing function and appearance. A fixed bridge is anchored to the teeth adjacent to the space. These teeth need to be reduced to accommodate the restoration.

Why Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry is the perfect place for you:

  • Tailored treatment plans: We believe in patient centered care. That means we see you, not just a potential dental procedure. We work hard to provide our patients with the best treatment plans to fit their lifestyle.
  • Comfortable care: We believe in making you feel special. Whether that’s our warm welcome as you enter the door, our free Wi-Fi, our massage pads, or the comfortable feel of our waiting room, you’ll notice the difference right away!
  • Our commitment to care: We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. Because of that, we work hard to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits, accept CareCredit and work on treatment plans that fit into your budget.

So if you’re looking for a place to get a crown on your tooth, dial our number today. We will schedule you for a personalized consultation appointment. We love serving the Anderson, Belton, and Greenville County communities. Learn more about the benefits of metal-free crowns and bridges during your phone call with us and your consultation time. Call now. (864) 224-7812