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Smile designer in Anderson, SC explains the steps of the CEREC dental crown procedure

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Dr. Groeber James at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry in Anderson, SC explains the steps of the CEREC dental crown procedure.
For centuries, dentists have been repairing smiles with crowns – small tooth-shaped caps that cover the visible surface of prepared teeth. Patients at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry in Anderson, SC get the restorative and cosmetic benefits of crowns, plus the convenience of same-day treatment. Dr. James Groeber explains the steps of the dental crown procedure using advanced CEREC technology.

Crowns through history

A crown is usually used to restore strength and function, when a tooth has a large area of decay or breakage. A crown can finish a dental implant, or securely anchor a bridge in place. Sometimes a crown is used for cosmetic improvement in a tooth that has deep discoloration or an odd shape.

The earliest crowns were made of gold by the Etruscans in about 700 BC. The procedure gained popularity in the 1500s, and by the 1700s, crowns were crafted from human or animal teeth. Porcelain was first used in the mid-1800s.

CEREC – a modern alternative

The CEREC procedure follows these steps:
  • The tooth is prepared. Decay or damage is removed, as well as enough structure to allow the crown to fit over the tooth.
  • Three-dimensional digital impressions are taken with a small intraoral camera.
  • Computer software transforms these detailed images into a design for the crown.
  • Design information is sent to a milling machine on site. This device precisely cuts the crown from a block of super strong, tooth-colored ceramic material.
  • The crown is shaded, glazed, and baked to a sheen that matches your smile beautifully.
  • The crown is cemented in place and polished.
the entire process typically takes about an hour. You leave with a fully-restored tooth. You don’t have to wear a temporary restoration and come back in a few weeks to have an off-site fabricated crown placed.

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