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Meet Dr. James M. Groeber

Dr. James M. Groeber received his dental degree in 1980 from Baylor Dental College. Over the years he has taken numerous continued education courses in order to better serve his patients. In 2001 he completed post-graduate training in the Master Aesthetic Dentist program at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies . He completed rigorous training to qualify for this advanced level of training, and had to master several other courses building up to this one.

Dr. Groeber

Dr. James M. Groeber
Dr. Groeber has operated his practice in Anderson, South Carolina since 1980,

Dr. Groeber has been serving his patients

for more than 30 years.

He specializes in
cosmetic dentistry, implant restorations,
full mouth reconstruction, and neuromuscular dentistry.

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My passion is to be able to offer to our friends the very latest in techniques, materials, and technology to help them restore and maintain their smiles and overall health in a relaxing environment. Although we are an aesthetic and restorative practice, we love nothing more than to see a perfect smile.
- Dr. Groeber

They loved Dr. Groeber

Younger Kids loved Dr. Groeber Anderson
Before attending Baylor Dental College, Dr. Groeber was a proud Horned Frog from Texas Christian University. He is pleased to see this young patient sporting the TCU royal blue and smiling ear to ear after a great checkup. Thank you for trusting Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry with your winning smile!

Two big smiles are sweeter than one!

Harper and Henley do everything together, including taking great care of their teeth - and the beautiful results speak volumes. These two cuties are excellent patients for their regular cleaning appointments. They are also adorable ambassadors for Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry, the Anderson, SC family office known for the highest level of patient care.
two little girls loved to visit dentist Dr. Groeber Anderson
Kids loved Dr. Groeber Anderson
Getting her teeth attended to like a pro, she is far from being scared or anxious.

What my patients say?

Experience and skill cannot be bought, it is earned through time, hard work, dedication and commitment to one’s trade.
In my case, I have:

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Delivered and placed lots of cosmetic dental veneers, creating hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, comfortable, safe and healthy smiles for individuals across America.
Orthodontics I have delivered lots of Orthodontics, this experience has given me a full understanding and competency in building aesthetic, functional and comfortable smiles that fully demonstrate the concept that form follows function.
30+Years Experience This great depth of experience over the years (holistic, biomimetic, cosmetic and reconstructive) has taught me the full art and science of creating custom smiles.

Dr. Groeber and Family!

Dr. Groeber and Family