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Dentist in Anderson, SC discusses why patients should consider mercury-safe dental care solutions

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Dr. James Groeber is a dentist in the area of Anderson, SC at Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. James Groeber is a dentist in the area of Anderson, SC at Aesthetic Dentistry who is focused on ensuring patients have access to quality, comprehensive dental care. In addition, he also wants patients to understand why they should consider the advantages of working with a dentist who practices mercury-safe and mercury-free dentistry.

What is the problem with mercury in dentistry?

In the past, and still today, many dentists used a material called silver amalgam to fill cavities. These fillings were considered safe and appropriate for sealing a tooth and helping it heal from tooth decay. However, over the course of many years, it was determined that this material, which was made with approximately 50 percent mercury, was not considered as safe as they thought it was. Instead, it can be dangerous to the body. Mercury is a substance that is toxic to the human body. When it is heated, which can happen through chewing and drinking hot beverages, it can release these toxins into the body. This can result in mercury toxicity, which can be extremely problematic for patients and their overall health.

Now, dentists are becoming increasingly aware of how mercury can affect their body. It is important that dentists stop using this material in patients, though many have not. A biological dentist, or a holistic dentist, such as Dr. James Groeber, can provide patients with the care they need to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Instead of using silver amalgam fillings, our team provides composite resin fillings. These fillings are considered more appropriate not only because they are safer, but also because they are more aesthetic.

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What does “mercury-safe” mean?

Mercury-safe is a term used for a dentist who not only avoids the use of mercury products in the practice, but also can safely remove these fillings and replace them with safer materials such as composite resin. Mercury-safe practices follow the standards and protocols set forth by the IAOMT. This organization focuses on the avoidance of silver amalgam products while developing a series of steps dentists should take to remove them properly. Mercury removal may be unsafe if not done in the correct way. The heating of the mercury during removal can release toxins in the air that can negatively impact the patient, the dentist, and the staff in and out of the room during the procedure. By following the protocols set forth by the IAOMT, Dr. James Groeber can ensure everyone’s health and wellbeing throughout the process. This is vital.

Benefits of a holistic dentist

A holistic dentist such as Dr. James Groeber will always take into consideration the steps and materials needed to help patients restore their smiles and keep them healthy. Our team also focuses on ensuring that everything performed within the smile is not only safe, but also aesthetic. We don’t want patients to look as though they’ve had work done, even if they have. We use the best materials that mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel to ensure seamless integration into the smile. This includes properly fabricating restorations such as bridges, dentures, veneers, and crowns to match the shape, size, and color of the patient’s natural teeth. This is at the forefront of our dental treatments, so patients do not have to worry about the appearance of their smile.

What are the benefits of composite resin fillings?

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Composite resin fillings are:

  • More aesthetic
  • Do not expand and contract, resulting in less risk of infection
  • Safer than the use of silver amalgam with mercury

Want to learn more about mercury-safe dental care?

Now is a wonderful time to connect with Dr. James Groeber of Aesthetic Dentistry to discuss the advantages of using a mercury-safe and mercury-free dental facility for your oral health care needs. Our team of professionals can be reached for an appointment by calling (864) 224-7812 and visiting the office at 108 Michelin Boulevard. We encourage patients to take the time to connect with our team and find out how dental care free from silver amalgam fillings and focused on safe removal and replacement can greatly enhance the appearance and health of the smile and body.

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