Better Dental Health through Oral Hygiene at Aesthetic Dentistry, Anderson SC

It is our goal at Aesthetic Dentistry to help you keep your mouth healthy. Decay and gum disease are just two of the most common diseases affecting people today. Seventy-five percent of the population has some form of periodontal disease, but the majority does not realize this. Our licensed hygienist has extensive training in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Dr. Groeber and his hygienist offer several treatment options for periodontal disease including:

  • Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) using local anesthetic and our gentle therapeutic Cavitron water-scaler, which flushes and irrigates the gums with a prescription strength antimicrobial medicine while removing calculus and bacteria.
  • Use of localized antibiotic treatment (Arestin) in deep gum pockets when indicated which often results in four times better healing results.
  • In more complex cases, using Oral DNA Labs to analyze the bacteria in patient's saliva and targeting specific bacteria with appropriate oral antibiotics.
  • Periodontal maintenance cleanings, to maintain periodontal health after treatment has been performed.
Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gums that is reversible. However, periodontal disease is a gum and bone disease, meaning the infection has spread from the gum into the bone where permanent damage can occur. If detected early it can be treated and controlled.

Our office utilizes an intra-oral camera specifically designed to detect periodontal disease in its earliest stages by detecting inflamed gum tissue.

Periodontal disease is a serious infection that has been linked to heart disease, artery blockages, strokes, diabetes and other degenerative diseases. Medications can also be a contributing factor in the health of your gums. Every patient has different needs and Dr. Groeber and our hygienist are trained to determine the level of care needed to maintain optimal oral health. They will evaluate you for any signs and symptoms of periodontal disease at each check-up. Some of these symptoms include chronic bad breath, swollen, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. If you notice any of these signs, please contact Dr. Groeber for an evaluation.

It is important to get regular check-ups and exams to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Groeber now offers two new diagnostic tests that give valuable information to your dental clinician for the assessment and treatment of your condition.

  • MyPerioPath Test: Identifies and measures certain bacteria that can cause gingivitis and periodontitis
  • MyPeriodIDPST Test: Determines if you are at increased risk for severe gum tissue infections
These tests are quick and simple, as well as noninvasive and easy to perform. By performing these tests we are able to treat and remove the affected diseased tissue and the bacteria found in the gums.

Reasons that these tests may be recommended to you include:

  • Clinical signs of infection are present (inflamed gum tissue – red, swollen or bleeding gums)
  • Visible signs of periodontitis are evident (bone loss around teeth, periodontal pockets)
  • You have family history of periodontal disease
  • Confirmation of your oral health is needed prior to surgery
  • You have other medical conditions that make you more susceptible to periodontal infections
  • For the assessment of your periodontal health and genetic risk to periodontal infections

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