Orthodontic Services for Crooked Teeth & Jaws in Anderson, SC

When your teeth are not positioned properly, your oral and general health may be adversely affected. What may seem even worse is the self-consciousness you feel related to the appearance of your teeth.

Orthodontic care focuses on diagnosing and treating structural problems in the jaw. It also corrects a bad bite, referred to as malocclusion. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from orthodontics, and we take great care in treatment planning for patients of our Anderson office.

Orthodontic care for children

The standard of care for many years was to correct misalignment and malocclusion in children after all permanent teeth had grown in. We now understand the importance of early treatment using functional appliances. Interceptive orthodontics may begin as early as age four. The purpose of this first-phase of treatment may be to create space in the jaw for permanent teeth to grow in. The result of early intervention is the optimal development of the jaw and the facial profile. Additionally, a two-phase approach often shortens the time spent wearing braces.

Dr. Groeber places a great deal of emphasis in children on the development of attractive facial esthetics that can be aided by early interceptive orthodontic treatment.

ClearCorrect and Invisalign

We understand that appearance is a priority for many patients who want to correct misalignment in their smile. Two popular options for treatment include ClearCorrect and Invisalign. Both are aligner systems that progressively move teeth using gentle force without permanent fixtures. Aligners can be removed, so they present no challenge to routine hygiene or to eating normally. A consultation with Dr. Groeber can help you identify which aligner system is best suited to your preferences and expectations.

Straightening your teeth facilitates optimal oral health, as well as greater confidence in your appearance. Explore your options for orthodontic care. Call (864) 216-7997

Functional appliances

There are several pediatric conditions that may be corrected with functional orthodontic appliances. These include:

  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite
  • Speech problems
  • Constricted area
  • Misalignment and overcrowding of teeth
  • Narrow arches
  • Joint problems due to underdeveloped jaw
Dr. Groeber has had extensive training in early interceptive care with functional appliances and believes that this is the best method of treatment for children exhibiting such problems.

When standard orthodontics are used, brackets are made of porcelain, which blends in with the natural color of teeth to achieve a discreet appearance.

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