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Dental Technologies Used at Anderson Aesthetic & Family Dentistry


In-house milling makes getting a crown or other restoration much easier. CEREC technology involves digital impressions and expedited manufacturing of all-ceramic restorations that allow you to get back to your normal routine with a healthier smile.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiography greatly increases the clarity of x-rays. With digital x-rays we can zoom in and view the x-rays; allowing for more accurate diagnosis and the ability to show patients what we see. We use Panoramic x-rays when needed to get a more complete view of your teeth and bone structure. They allow us to see any potential problems with the jaw joint as well as wisdom teeth, impacted un-erupted teeth, and congenitally missing teeth.

Intra-oral cameras

Intra-oral cameras allow us to take close-up live photos of the inside of your mouth. This allows you to see exactly what Dr. Groeber sees, which can be decay, cracks in teeth, or infections. These photos can be used to compare the changes that take place from one visit to another. These photos can also be printed for you to take home.

The WAND anesthesia technique

The WAND is a groundbreaking, computer controlled technique that enables us to administer local anesthetic comfortably and consistently to each patient. We use a buffered anesthetic, which enhances the benefits and makes the effect immediate while reducing the pain associated with injections.


To accurately educate our patients on their dental needs, we have computers in all operatories. They are used to show patients photos taken with the intra-oral camera, digital x-rays, before and after photos and digitally enhanced smiles to show how your smile can be transformed, as well as making appointments for your convenience.

Drill-less dentistry

Air abrasion is a gentle abrasive that removes decay, stain, and organic particles; preserving healthy tooth structure. Air abrasion can be used without anesthetic.

Trimira oral cancer screening

A small cordless handheld unit Dr. Groeber has incorporated into his standard of care. This simple, painless exam uses three different wavelengths of light to detect biochemical and morphological changes in the cells of the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils.

Digital impressions

Standard impressions can be messy and uncomfortable. Our digital impression technique takes the pain out of this process. The tooth that we want to model is coated with powder. We then take a picture of the tooth, and it is turned in to a 3D virtual model that allows us to fabricate the most lifelike restoration.

Dental lasers

Various laser devices make hard and soft-tissue procedures gentler and more precise. Lasers may be used in gum disease treatments, to treat canker sores, and numerous other applications.