Porcelain Veneers for a perfect smile make over

Make over your smile with beautiful veneers designed by your experienced Anderson dentist.

There are a number of characteristics that affect the message you send with your smile, right down to the shape of your teeth. While most dentists can recognize the need for cosmetic care, not all have the advanced training to achieve the results you expect. As a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute's Master Aesthetic Dentist program, Dr. Groeber has the training and level of artistic skill to create the authentic appearance of beauty using high quality porcelain.

The extensive training that Dr. Groeber has achieved has also given him a great deal of discernment when it comes to the processes involved in creating porcelain veneers. He chooses to work with the Macstudio microlab in the fabrication of veneers, knowing that this team of expert ceramists focuses on creating beautiful smiles, not just lifelike restorations.

What to expect from our veneer process:

  1. Our consultation with you is an important first step to optimal results. It is at this time that we gain the insight needed to move forward toward your desired outcome. This consultation is not just about looking at your teeth, or hearing your concerns. We take the time to view multiple images with you to make sure we have a clear understanding of what you want your smile to look like.
  2. Using advanced imaging, we gather valuable data that will be used to create a model of your new smile. We may take x-rays and photographs of your teeth, as well as impressions.
  3. An appropriate model will be made to give you a preview of the final result. This may be a wax model, or a virtual model. If you are not fully satisfied with the proposed cosmetic enhancements, we make the necessary modifications and schedule a second preview. It is important that you agree to final work only when your expectations are fully reflected in the model presented to you. This will be your new smile for life!
  4. Once your teeth have been prepared for your veneers (via slight reduction), temporary veneers made of beautiful composite material will be affixed. This can minimize the temporary sensitivity that may occur while also protecting enamel.
  5. Final veneers are typically ready within about 10 days. At this time, we will remove the temporaries, slightly etch your teeth, and bond porcelain veneers into place.
We have seen veneers last more than 20 years when they are given excellent care. Learn more about this cosmetic process. Call (864) 216-7997 in Anderson.

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